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Apocalypse 2012 Redux

This is 2011 already  and  for all we know the world may end before the end of 2012, as presaged by increasingly frequent reports of earthquakes, tsunamis, fires, floods and other global catastrophes from Haiti, Chile, the Gulf of Mexico to Russia, Pakistan, Australia and beyond. All this was  predicted by some ancient mystics and […]

Hi Tech is cool but is it Hi Fi?

If you ask a true audiophile – the ever-dwindling minority lost among the babel of hypes and sales pitch – the answer would be a resounding NO. With the advent of the internet age, when  the buzzword  is ‘digital’ and the musical yardsticks are bandwidth or download speed, it’s easy to lose touch with reality, […]

Van Gogh, Picasso, Hemingway can’t all be wrong

They all drank, loved and drew creative inspirations from Absinthe, or Absinth, the fabled ‘king of spirits’ of successive generations of artists. Probably a few, if any, other drink has ever captured the popular imagination and been featured in so many books,  plays, movies and legends. What started as the favorite drink of Toulouse-Lautrec and […]

Cool Classical Music Dude

No, it’s not an oxymoron; classical music need not be nerdy or boring or an ossified genre nor a high brow culture, but a vibrant scene with cool musicians, sold out gigs and really exciting music, in fact some with more dynamic energy than many of today’s pop, hip-hop or hard rock numbers. The latest […]

Apocalypse now? No, not quite yet…

…not until 21st December 2012, to be exact, according to the astronomically precise predictions by the ancient Mayan oracles, when time will cease to be! This is not another ‘y2k scare’ or the warning of a  ‘black rainbow’ circling the earth(1999?) and sucking out all the oxygen, or a similar media inspired Doomsday scenario. This […]

Move over Dan Brown – or Re-calibrate

An occasional TV watcher, I came across an unusual program the other day. It was  in a late night/early morning paid program slot routinely used  by  vendors like  fat loss  or get rich quick  program promoters. But this was different. This was a non-commercial religious program; I don’t remember the title of the program or […]