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Classical Music : the Jewish Counterpoint

The playlist of a New York public radio station included a special holy day service on the eve of Yom Kippur 2010, featuring the Kol Nidrei of Max Bruch. This is unremarkable, except for the fact that Max Bruch is not even Jewish although many people mistakenly assume so. In addition, Bruch’s  work is scored […]

Hi Tech is cool but is it Hi Fi?

If you ask a true audiophile – the ever-dwindling minority lost among the babel of hypes and sales pitch – the answer would be a resounding NO. With the advent of the internet age, when  the buzzword  is ‘digital’ and the musical yardsticks are bandwidth or download speed, it’s easy to lose touch with reality, […]

Music without borders

This is NOT about the popular website and music outlet. Instead the focus is on a small niche devoted to all music : without any borders based on geography or culture, language, ethnic snobbery or prejudice. The niche is Music plus –  which is  really music minus all these artificial borders and contrived excuses for […]