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A Guernica of our time

Hope not, but the historical parallel between the germinal civil war in the desert of Libya and the attack on Guernica during the Spanish Civil War is beginning to seem eerily more relevant every day. It’s true that  Gaddafi has used his own planes so far to strafe his own people unlike Franco who had […]

Halal Democracy : an oxymoron?

…or just a  politically correct smart sound bite in the wake of the recent upheaval in the middle east? It is certainly not without any traditional or historical rationale, and has appeared in respected media like the New York Times. The obvious implication is that democracy and Islam are not compatible and the recent popular […]

The Not-so-Christian Militia

To call the far right extremist group Hutaree a Christian militia would probably be a crass insult to Christianity and a grave injustice indeed. Even by the standards of so much toxicity permeating today’s political and social discourses, the necrotic pus of their ideological outpouring would seem to be way out and dangerously extreme. A […]

Mona Lisa and Cholesterol

What has Cholesterol got to do with that sphinx-like lady and her mysterious expression iconized in the famous Leonardo painting?  Quite a lot in fact, according to the findings of an  Italian medical expert who also delves into renaissance art, artists and their subjects. A recent article in the New York Times reports that Professor […]

Better late than never

And it’s about time too. After declining to meet the Dalai Lama during the holy man’s visit to this country last year, President Obama seems to have at last realized that it was perhaps a mistake  and that the official excuse was rather tenuous; this was  pointed out so eloquently then by the visiting Czech […]

The Ultimate Gift for Life – and Beyond

Coming soon to a Walmart near you : Cradle-to-Grave bargains to die for! The last word in customer service, rewarding customer loyalty even after death – a range of discount coffins. Now you can have an easy plan, paying for the coffins, to accommodate a dearly departed –  or even yourself just in case! – […]

Off-course Pilots Distracted Drivers

The two NW Airlines pilots who, distracted while illegally – not to mention dangerously and irresponsibly – using  their laptop computers during flight, missed their landing destination by more than 110 miles  have been promptly suspended, and according to Delta Airways (which acquired NW last fall), could even lose their jobs. In a recently posted […]

Bono pro bono

President Obama got a welcome boost recently. In the middle of all the jokes and snide remarks in the wake of his Nobel Peace Prize, he received a very encouraging pro bono thumbs up from Bono, the  U2 band leader and philanthropist. In turn folksy and serious, Bono makes his case  in “Rebranding America“, an […]

Publish and Be Damned!

Thus spake the  Iron Duke, the 1st Duke of Wellington,  the vanquisher of Napoleon at Waterloo. Threatened by a blackmailer who demanded ‘reward’ for silence (or withholding publication of, or editing out compromising details in, a rather salacious memoir by a well-known courtesan, one of the Duke’s many Mistresses), his riposte was short, sharp and […]