Fibromyalgia : is it all in the head?

No. In fact, it’s all over the body and then some! For someone suffering from fibromyalgia this glib cynicism can only add mental stress and stigma  to the  already debilitating physical pain; It’s certainly  not funny!

Yet this is not confined to ignorant outsiders only; until recently even some doctors, failing to correctly diagnose fibromyalgia symptoms, used to dismiss their patients’ complaints, perhaps not exactly in the  same words, but often couched in highfalutin medical jargon. Fibromyalgia was not even acknowledged  as a real disease, and there were no effective or approved drugs for treatment  of  the condition.

Things have changed since then, hopefully for the better. There are now a few FDA approved drugs on the market, and the internet is full of information, updates, guides and resources focussed on fibromyalgia, some helpful, but others mostly routine dross full of hypes. Further details on this can be found on the Fbromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome webpage.

Does it mean the fibromyalgia patient’s lot is improving, or that we are becoming more compassionate? I wouldn’t hold my breath! Besides, many patients seem to revert to the previous state after a  period of remission, becoming more disillusioned than before.

On the other hand, it’s not always altruistic motivation that can bring beneficial changes to the society as a whole. Self-aggrandizing, egoistic or profit motives can often spur real actions to improve the lot of others – sort of collateral philanthropy, if you will. We have seen this happening on the internet marketplace, with the proliferation of e-books, online courses and useful guides. Many fibromyalgia patients, who had previously tried but failed to find relief with  other treatment methods,  have found these  e-book guides and courses more positively responsive for alleviating their suffering.

Inspiration to Live is a  candid  unpretentious account of one woman’s painful  struggle and unraveling of the truth about fibromyalgia Symptoms & Cure hidden behind a fog of myth, misinformation and misdiagnosis, even hostility.

Perhaps more ambitious in its scope is Better Health Today, which deals with a wide range of diseases beyond fibromyalgia. An expert guide for healthcare professionals and families, and widely acclaimed as such.

Four Healing Programs offers a step by step program, an all natural method for Fibromyalgia and other ailments with a  trusted regimen of simple exercise, self-reliance, positive thinking and healthy living. A serendipitous find, this stands out from the crowd.

For many long-suffering fibromyalgia patients any of  the above could well be their link to serendipity – and sanity!

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