The Not-so-Christian Militia

To call the far right extremist group Hutaree a Christian militia would probably be a crass insult to Christianity and a grave injustice indeed. Even by the standards of so much toxicity permeating today’s political and social discourses, the necrotic pus of their ideological outpouring would seem to be way out and dangerously extreme. A fundamentalist patriot’s riposte to Al Qaeda?  A primer on how to out-taliban the Taliban?

Yet this is really nothing  new. The conspiracy theories have always devolved from some naïve apologists feeding on seemingly innocuous sound bites from late night TV enangelists and their ilk. People used to joke about these  fringe ideologues. In fact this was mentioned tangentially in an old blog post here last year, in  a rather funny and dismissive manner; but it’s definitely not funny any more.

So, the tea parties continue and the rage festers.  But who are these angry folks, the so-called ‘patriots’, the ‘christian’ soldiers?  Have you noticed many,  if any, African-American or Hispanic,   or native American,  Asian or anyone from a  similar background among their ranks?  Why are the truly dispossessed not enraged?
One wonders.

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