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Mona Lisa and Cholesterol

What has Cholesterol got to do with that sphinx-like lady and her mysterious expression iconized in the famous Leonardo painting?  Quite a lot in fact, according to the findings of an  Italian medical expert who also delves into renaissance art, artists and their subjects. A recent article in the New York Times reports that Professor […]

Music without borders

This is NOT about the popular website and music outlet. Instead the focus is on a small niche devoted to all music : without any borders based on geography or culture, language, ethnic snobbery or prejudice. The niche is Music plus –  which is  really music minus all these artificial borders and contrived excuses for […]

Better late than never

And it’s about time too. After declining to meet the Dalai Lama during the holy man’s visit to this country last year, President Obama seems to have at last realized that it was perhaps a mistake  and that the official excuse was rather tenuous; this was  pointed out so eloquently then by the visiting Czech […]