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Apocalypse now? No, not quite yet…

…not until 21st December 2012, to be exact, according to the astronomically precise predictions by the ancient Mayan oracles, when time will cease to be! This is not another ‘y2k scare’ or the warning of a  ‘black rainbow’ circling the earth(1999?) and sucking out all the oxygen, or a similar media inspired Doomsday scenario. This […]

The Ultimate Gift for Life – and Beyond

Coming soon to a Walmart near you : Cradle-to-Grave bargains to die for! The last word in customer service, rewarding customer loyalty even after death – a range of discount coffins. Now you can have an easy plan, paying for the coffins, to accommodate a dearly departed –  or even yourself just in case! – […]

Claude Lévi-Strausse, almost 101, dies

The famous Anthropologist and Structuralist philosopher, who celebrated his 100th birthday last November, died Friday near Paris; his death was announced after his private funeral on Tuesday this week. It was a rather low buzz news item with sparse coverage even in the more serious media or in the blogosphere. This is not exactly surprising, […]

Off-course Pilots Distracted Drivers

The two NW Airlines pilots who, distracted while illegally – not to mention dangerously and irresponsibly – using  their laptop computers during flight, missed their landing destination by more than 110 miles  have been promptly suspended, and according to Delta Airways (which acquired NW last fall), could even lose their jobs. In a recently posted […]

Jew who saved more Jews than Schindler

Yet the heroic saviour  Reszö  Kasztner (aka Rudolf or Israel Kastner)  was maligned, spat upon by fellow Israelis in Tel Aviv,  and on 3rd March 1957, became the first Jewish victim of   a Jewish political assassination in  the Jewish  state of Israel ! Why? The specious explanation is that  Kasztner, a Hungarian Jew, who survived […]