Move over Dan Brown – or Re-calibrate

An occasional TV watcher, I came across an unusual program the other day. It was  in a late night/early morning paid program slot routinely used  by  vendors like  fat loss  or get rich quick  program promoters. But this was different.
This was a non-commercial religious program; I don’t remember the title of the program or the affiliate organization, but recall having seen  the same evangelist  duo – a speaker and his lady sidekick – before, in many other mainstream religious programs.

And they were right on target.  Their database was updated for  the post-Obama world. And  in case you’ve  overlooked Obama’s recent speech at the United Nations, you are ignoring the subtle but real takeover – by evil’s secret forces – of our civilization and culture, at your own peril. Can you, for instance, deny the ascendency of the Illuminati in the emergence of a ‘New World Order’, in the secret codes hidden in Obama’s speech ?  Why, they now openly preach it in the UN, which is a den of godless conspirators anyway! The so-called secret society is no longer a  secret; that George Washington was a Freemason is old hat by now; and Masons, Freemasons and other secret orders don’t hide behind pseudonyms anymore.

The program’s premise is very simple, presented with background comments by the lady against a backdrop of sophisticated and professional-looking images and icons. There is a world-wide conspiracy against God and His children, waged by forces of evil who have infiltrated every stratum of our government, society and other institutions. Their motto of a “New Secular World Order” [sic] has  even been on the Great Seal of the United States from the beginning; and of course everybody can see this message clearly on our dollar bills.
And the best strategy for defeating the evil forces is to send your donations to help us/our organization in our fight to defend you…
I missed the rest of the program, which usually follows with credit card payment instructions, and a blessing.

Take a breather; have to re-calibrate!
For centuries it was the Roman Catholic Church that was at loggerhead with the secret orders of the enlightenment and the natural scientists and philosophers who were perceived as the church’s  enemies; Galileo is probably the best-known sufferer, but there were many others who did not escape  so easily.
Now we see the other denominations joining in the age-old fight against this evil.
Odd bedfellows indeed!
Sorry, Dan. I haven’t read  The Lost Symbol yet; waiting for the dust to settle on the dust jacket. But there’s no escaping all the media buzz, the non-stop analyses and the arguments; I also heard a rumor, Dan, that you’ve become a fully qualified  Mason now, and secretly practicing liquid breathing techniques?
Nonsense, right?

By the way, I don’t know any Latin, but I checked with some Latin scholars, and authorities on the  Great Seal of the United States.  They all confirm that the famous Virgilian phrase “Novus Ordo Seclorum”  means “New Order of the  Ages”, and not the  New Secular World Order, as claimed by some religious zealots, who, by the way, also misquoted Obama, for he never used the word ‘secular’!
But you made the same mistake, Dan, unless it was a big joke at our expense.
In Angels and Demons, the phrase appears as “New Secular Order” with no indication that it is a mistranslation.
Et tu, Dan?

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