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Bono pro bono

President Obama got a welcome boost recently. In the middle of all the jokes and snide remarks in the wake of his Nobel Peace Prize, he received a very encouraging pro bono thumbs up from Bono, the  U2 band leader and philanthropist. In turn folksy and serious, Bono makes his case  in “Rebranding America“, an […]

Go Green, Save Greenbacks

It’s a no-brainer really! But why should we Go Green? Do we really have to care? Here’s your rationale. Simply put, the impact of relentless scientific and technical progress, and the growth of unbridled, often irresponsible consumerism, have led us to seek ease and convenience at the expense of the quality of our lives and […]

Public Option : Does it Work?

This is the crucial question in today’s debates over healthcare reform. If I asked you, or anyone else for that matter, the answer would probably be either  ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Then my next question would be : how do you know? How can you really  know for sure unless you have had  personal experience? The […]

Debunking the Myth or Revisionism?

Today is St. Crispin’s Day ( or the Feast of Crispian as  “Harry the King” called it in his famous speech from Shakespeare’s eponymous play). On this  day, at different times and places in history, many famous battles took place, but none  has taken a firmer root in our history and cultural consciousness  than the […]

Faux Pas or Chutzpah?

Did President Obama decline to meet the Dalai Lama on the holy man’s  recent visit to Washington? I had some doubts so I checked with the news sources, and it’s by now common knowledge that Obama did decline to meet the Dalai Lama, he didn’t refuse to meet the holy man, he only postponed the […]

Move over Dan Brown – or Re-calibrate

An occasional TV watcher, I came across an unusual program the other day. It was  in a late night/early morning paid program slot routinely used  by  vendors like  fat loss  or get rich quick  program promoters. But this was different. This was a non-commercial religious program; I don’t remember the title of the program or […]

Publish and Be Damned!

Thus spake the  Iron Duke, the 1st Duke of Wellington,  the vanquisher of Napoleon at Waterloo. Threatened by a blackmailer who demanded ‘reward’ for silence (or withholding publication of, or editing out compromising details in, a rather salacious memoir by a well-known courtesan, one of the Duke’s many Mistresses), his riposte was short, sharp and […]